The First Settlers

Our ancestors were great inventors.

Men of exquisite minds and women of great bravery who brought skill to each task which was presented before them. Problem-solvers and curious-thinkers they viewed the world as one large puzzle destined to be discovered. The knowledge that came from their time has been passed down to their progeny, their children to carry on the ways in which they would plant and cultivate the naturally growing food sources in that area. They had learnt how to test the ripest coconut by its hollow sound, to feel the temperature of the water and know which way the current was pulling. At night they shared great secrets with the moon as it whispered to them the times of the tide. The tide would bring fish and depending on the season they would know whether a catch could be bountiful or scarce, they could foresee the survival of their people by reading the land as one now reads books.

They built great rafts made of slender curved wood that was light upon the water and a dagger through the waves. As families grew they took off in search of more land, in search of the unknown and when the world was full of possibilities. Their canoes and boats were there greatest tool as they traveled large distances waiting to see land on the horizon where the ocean had promised there would be. Each new colony came with challenges as the climates changed so did the fauna, the flora, they had to find new food sources to ensure survival. Then there were the plagues which brought horrific death and the loss of those they loved, once here but no longer tangible or within reach. Pain can bring about belief. Belief in something inexplicable. The world now presented itself as unsolvable. Events took place that they could not explain and when explanation was presented, they could not accept. For where had their children gone? Had they turned to ash and dirt, been swept away by the winds and become fertilizer for the ground on which they walk. Death. The beginning of faith. Faith helped many keep their sanity, it allowed them to speak to their lost children, lost mothers and fathers, lost family all having wandered off into some great beyond. They asked for advice and they asked for strength. They ask for rain, sunlight and a change in the seasons though the time was not ready. The world provided, and they consumed it.

Looking to the sun they felt warmth on their faces and built as no other civilization had built before, great stone steps which could lead them toward the round glowing god who sat heavily in the sky. When men came with four legs who spoke like music and distorted sounds their ears were not accustomed to, they welcomed them and praised these strangers for their strangeness. The consumption continued, it ate, and it ate until nothing remained except rubble and memories of what once was. Many men have come and gone since the time of our ancestors, many wars have been fought and blood has been shed. Much has been lost and much has been gained. Feet have walked the earth which shall never walk again. Forests have crumbled, and water turned sour in the mouths of the young. Laughter has echoed through time as humans continued to grow, continued to flourish beneath the radiance of the sun and the dampness of the soil.

There are few now who know the truth of where I came from.

©   This work is subject to copyright (24.02.2019)

All rights are that arise from this work are reserved for, and are the property of the author JC Delport

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