I could begin this with the rather cliché “standing on the edge.”

Truthfully that wasn’t how this began. This began as most wonderful adventures usually do… With the opening of one’s eyes to the glorious South African blue sky and picturesque sun-filled day. It took much convincing of one man to walk to his friend’s house and to ask his friend a rather large favor.

“take us to the sea,” he asked on behalf of the golden haired girl beside him. Many hours passed without food and stomachs grumbled. Many minutes passed as they gathered their things and arranged others to join them. Each second felt painfully heavy with politeness as she waited, patient but anxious with anticipation. The car ride seemed to stretch on, an ever growing straight road that only seemed to further tempt her with the promise of what lay at its end.

She bid her time as they indulged in baked goods and frozen lollipops. Breathed easily as the road turned from cement to gravel. A deeper shade of indigo beckoned her toward the horizon. It called to her.

Instinctively her feet gravitated toward the whispering water. It was not enough to simply feel its icy touch on her toes though…

She was here for much more. With heavy legs they walked toward the bulbous rocks which jutted half out of the sand and half into the sea. Their feet plunged deep into wetness and warmth. Along the way they found bits of shell and ancient sea creatures. There was no longer time to wait.

Her long legs bounded ahead, climbing up the oversized rock along a path she knew by heart. One year since she’d been here last.

Up and up she climbed only vaguely aware of the friends she left behind. Up and up she walked until she reached the spot she had been searching for.

Down below powerful waves smashed against the rocks and blew the salt sea spray against her face. She was filled with this sudden iron will. Backing away from the edge, she never for a moment felt fear.

Rather her body and mind became one. Trusted each other entirely. With one large and last leap she flung herself off the edge…

For a moment hovering midair above a deep, vast and endless blue.

Then she flew.


©   This work is subject to copyright (20.04.2019)

All rights are that arise from this work are reserved for, and are the property of the author JC Delport

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